About us

DA is a Cyprus based non-profit organization, created with the sole purpose of “Being Useful” towards the promulgation of the Gnosis that can change our life’s orientation at a time when mankind needs it. This Gnosis existed since Socratic times in Europe and before that in Egypt and the East. Didaskalia Alexandrias:

Offers a local Cultural Program: Heliopolis Youth Culture

Provides gratuitous assistance in initiating similar programs in the eastern Mediterranean

Gives access to a specialized Library including many of the greatest works from the world’s Traditions

Publishes online Books

Provides a Residency Program for specialist researchers

DA does not claim to “Teach” or “Guide”, it merely points the way to Perennial Teachings we need today…
A water spring by the roadside, does not exist to quench our thirst, but if we want we may take a drink…
In either case, if we like, we can seek the source.


Helping youth endowed with emotive faculties, to keep them from shying away and atrophying, in our modern world, which gives precedence to the intellectual and instinctive faculties of the psyche. This by means of a cultural program aimed at the heart. Effected, positively with the appreciation of beauty in art, and the understanding of spiritual things through philosophy, and negatively by way of sym-pathos; ignited by the global necessity for altruism and fraternity, in an era of pandemics with their lockdowns, mass migrations, unemployment, environmental dangers, the ever-present threat of war, etc…


To spread, throughout the eastern Mediterranean region, by way of independent non-profit group projects, the elementary principles of a unifying Knowledge Gnosis, capable of resolving our numerous apparent contradictions, with its grounded Traditional understanding of the human being, as he is and as he can in certain conditions become. Hoping to rouse in some the passion to seek more in depth Traditional teachings, adapted to their specific psyches.

Heliopolis Youth Culture

Modern education is necessary for refining our Intellect and Cultural education for refining our Heart.

Our Mottos

Conscious Efforts

The effort at maintaining “Double attention” in whatever one is doing or focusing on. Such attention is double, in the sense that it is focused on the object on which attention is directed, while at the same time conscious of oneself as subject. It covers the range of waking consciousness, from drinking a cup of coffee or doing one’s daily work, to praying or meditating. It is also known as Presence or Wakefulness.

Being Useful

“Doing what needs to be done”, at the measure of one’s forces, to facilitate the growth and manifestation of those psychological faculties (latent predispositions) in our youth, that would allow them to develop into the new and balanced human type who accedes the full range of Emotive as well as Intellectual faculties. This, making them apt leaders in the chaotic era in which we live, and for a coming more blissful era.

The Era of Art

A coming era where Truth and Consciousness are the norm and where every evolving human being is as an artist in the highest sense: Self-consciously painting the canvas of his or her own soul and beautifying the environing world by bringing into our concrete world whether material or psychological, the influence of Spiritual ideals.The myth of Pygmalion and Galatea is a symbol of such Art.